Scope Management

The task order, the proposal, and contract negotiation processes serve to initiate engagements.  The executed contract, along with our proposal response, formally authorizes the scope of work.  We perform scope planning and scope definition tasks early in our engagements, including the development of a detailed Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).  Scope planning and scope definition tasks continue through the life of the project as new project components are initiated. 


Communications Management

Throughout the ARG organization, frequent and effective communication is emphasized. We define effective communication as that which is clear, understandable, and appropriately focused at each level of management.

Our goal is to precisely state what we are going to do, when we are going to do it, and then clearly explain what has been done. Our staff is available to the client to readily address questions or concerns, along with easy access to our reporting tools that communicate immediate and accurate information about the status and progress of the engagement.

We believe that the value of communication planning cannot be overestimated. Communication planning, therefore, occurs as an initial planning activity. During planning, ARG and the client confirm all protocols for information sharing during the engagement and document them in the Communications Plan. We work with the client to determine the preferred methods of communication—such as emails, memos, or phone calls—and their frequency. In addition to defining the communication methods to be followed between the client and ARG, the Communications Plan also takes into account the external communications that occur between ARG and our clients.

The plan identifies, at a minimum, the protocols for ensuring timely and appropriate generation, collection, dissemination, storage, and ultimate disposition of project information and it defines procedures for issue/problem escalation and resolution. The Communication Plan also addresses formal meeting and status reporting protocols and defines how decisions are coordinated and communicated across all system and operational areas and applicable stakeholders. Additionally, the plan contains contact information for key ARG and client staff, including primary and back-up contacts for specific project issues and incidents. We focus on who needs what information, how to clearly convey the information, how it will be delivered, and when it is needed. Our goal is to get the right information to the right people at the right time.